Interpretive Dancer Kelli L. Wray
Release To The Beat
Movement Workshops

Kelli L. Wray

Recently performed Taking Flight for the opening of photographer Jim Des Rivières exhibit `Winged Tapestries, Moths At Large` at the NB Museum as well as A Gift In Giving for the opening of the YWCA Saint John `Women of Distinction` Annual Gala .  In September 2015, she worked with choreographer Marcia Dysart performing A Girl Adrift In Man`s Work with Connection Dance Works, an excerpt from `Under Sail` in tribute to Molly Kool, performed at Contact East 2015 in PEI. Kelli completed MOVE residency with Canadian renown choreographer Peggy Baker performing a group installation piece at the Beaverbrook Art Gallery March 2014.  For the Acadian Games Closing Ceremonies at Harbour Station in 2010, she choreographed and performed in collaboration with singer Monet Comeau for the lowering of the Acadian Flag.  She has danced on the Imperial Theatre Stage in the following Clyde A. Wray productions `The Wind` Nov 2013 performing Gnarled Tree and duet Survive with Natayu Mildenberger; and in `Excuse Me Lord But I Didn`t Hear You` Nov 2011/12 performing Talisman, the shadow dance Night and duet On the Brink with choreographer Stéfanie Mayhew.  Kelli collaborated with musicians Joel Cormier & Robin Streb in Spectrum performed at the BMO Theatre for Perspective New Music and New Dance April 2015 and performed a duet with Joanna Bryson in A Gift From The Sea choreographed by Marcia Dysart in collaboration with musician Joel Leblanc in Perspective New Music and New Dance April 2014 both hosted by Connection Dance Works. Kelli shared the Saint John Arts Centre stage with singer/songwriter Debbie Adshade in `Mood Swings` Oct 2012 and with Gordie Halvorsen in `The Night` May 2009 .  In celebration of black history month, she choreographed and danced in Your History Can Begin Today In Black& White 2014/15 sponsored by PRUDE Inc.  She has enjoyed taking part in CDW annual dance festival performing creations like Serpentine and Rainbows and Butterflies in King Square.  Kelli performed a solo piece for Winterfest Danceworks 9 with Rondos Dance Theatre at Port City Dance Academy Dec 2014.  She is the facilitator of “Release To The Beat Movement Workshops” held Uptown SJ allowing others to enjoy the freedom of barefoot dancing.  Her workshop Meditation In Movement has also taken part in Elizabeth Fry Society retreats offering empowerment to women through dance.  


Dancing barefoot performing Interpretive Movement in Ottawa`s City Market, Kelli`s love for the arts and passion for music and dance blossomed.  She further developed her artistry through workshops ranging in Modern, African, Yoga, and Tai Chi. Since 2006, She has been the facilitator of Release To The Beat Movement Workshops enjoying meditative dance forming a deeper connection with self and others.Kelli continues to share her craft and evolve her artistry for interpretive dance.  She enjoys very much the creative process of layering  movements with motion.   Since moving to Saint John, Kelli has also taken part in multicultural festivals  including AfroCarib Night at UNBSJ and Culture Days at the Saint John Art Centre, Harvesting The Arts Festival, celebrations of Black History Month to performing in the annual Saint John Contemporary Dance Festival hosted by Connection Dance Works.  Kelli also enjoys offering movement sessions for women`s retreats and uplifting women in need with music and movement,  bringing and sharing dance in the community.